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Create Content That Attracts Clients As a Faith Based Entrepreneur


In this FREE Training you’ll learn: 

A content formula that has your content stand out from the rest

The little known secret to capturing people’s attention and keeping their attention

How to have your content attract clients not just followers

How to overcome fear and doubt keeping you from creating content

Why there's never been a better time than now to build your business as a faith based entrepreneur

What others are saying about Mia’s trainings...

Tiffany J.

"Mia possesses a rare blend of godly wisdom, sincerity, and business mastery--and I am so grateful that she has the courage to share this with the world! In the workshop, we learned irreplaceable mindset tools from the Bible and we uncovered lies that we had been believing about ourselves and money. We also learned powerful business and marketing strategies. Mia, thank you so much for such a unique, amazing workshop!"

Tina D.

"I would have to say my biggest takeaways were the mindset shifts around money, forgiveness, and fear and how these areas can affect how I operate my business."

Dee B.

"I have a clear direction and I am so anxious to implement the things that [Mia] has shared with us. Everything has a very practical application and things that I could grab a hold of and use and make a difference. I’m very excited."

Ashley W.

"Mia has brought us together and given us the practical tools to go out into the business world and be successful in the marketplace.

Our voices are being empowered to speak a message to the world that we are supposed to bring as women and now we have a tribe to do that with."


Mia Rene Davies is a business success coach specializing in online marketing success. She is the host of the podcast God Centered Success and she teaches women entrepreneurs how to get their message out to the world and get results online without compromising their top priorities of faith and family.

Create Content That Attracts Clients As a Faith Based Entrepreneur 

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