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Limited Spots Opening Up For 1on1 Coaching

Set Your Business Up For Massive Growth Online in 2021 with Customized Strategic Coaching, Training & High Level Accountability

1on1 coaching spots are going to fill up quickly, apply now.

Bonus: Apply Now and Get Instant Access to Mia's Goal Setting Training


Please answer the questions below to apply 🙂

Question 1 : Full Name

Question 2 : Do you own an online business or plan to launch one in the near future?

1. Yes
2. No

Question 3 : What type of business do you have or want to create?

Question 4 : What category does your business fall under?

1. Coaching
2. Consultant
3. Merchant/Retail
4. Network Marketer
5. Other

Question 5 : How long have you been in business?

1. I am not in business yet
2. 0-3 years
3. 4-6 years
4. 7-10 years
5. 10+ years

Question 6 : Where would you like your business to be in the next 90 days?

Question 7 : Where would you like your business to be in a year from now?

Question 8 : What are your biggest challenges in growing your business right now?

Question 9 : On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how important is it to you to get these challenges solved and why?

Question 10 : What are the programs, services, and events that you've invested in over the past 12 months to grow your business?

Question 11 : How did we connect and are you a listener of the God Centered Success podcast?

Question 12 : How much do you have to invest into growing your business or into a program that would help you grow your business?

1. I don't have access to money to invest into growing my business
2. Under $1k
3. $1k-$3k
4. $3k-$6k
5. $6k-$10k
6. $15k-$20k

Question 13 : Preferred contact method

1. Text
2. Call
3. Email

Question 14 : Time Zone

Question 15 : Cell Phone

Please enter your name and email to submit your application

Your Information is 100% Secure And Will Not Be Shared With Anyone

All 15 questions completed!

Step 1: Click the "Submit Quiz" button. Step 2: Enter your name and email to submit your application.

For your bonus we are giving you immediate access to my Goal Setting Training video


Mia is a business coach specializing in helping women entrepreneurs to have success online. She has generated over a million dollars in revenue online and has helped her clients prosper in their various markets as well. She is the host of the God Centered Success podcast which empowers entrepreneurs to keep God number one in life, leadership and business.

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